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See also the Alert notices in the CASA Analysis Cookbook for more details on known problems and workarounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, with answers:

  1. Q: When will the "full release" of CASA be?

    A: This is it! The first non-beta public release is Version 3.0.0.

  2. Q: Why do you have to register to get user support?

    A: We do not have the personnel resources to support a large number of Beta Users and still maintain the necessary development pace, and yet we feel we must support those users who are committed to testing the Beta. Thus, we have implemented a registration system to track these users, and also to allow us to send emails about updates etc.

  3. Q: Why do I get slightly (<1%) different results after calibration in Patch 3?

    A: The calibration tasks and tools do things somewhat differently underneath now, particularly for multichannel and multispw data. This should be for the better.

  4. Q: Why does my older script now give poor calibration results in Patch 2 or later?

    A: The behavior of some of the calibration parameters have changed in Patch 2 (e.g. solint and combine). See the release notes for more information.

  5. Q: Why am I getting slightly different or odd results for mosaic imaging in clean in Patch 3?

    A: We are improving mosaic imaging, in particular the use of the PB for imagermode='mosaic'. We are fixing known bugs for Patch 3.1.

  6. Q: Why is plotting and interactive flagging in plotxy so slow and/or buggy? Why hasn't my bug been fixed?

    A: There are deep fundamental problems underneath in plotxy that cannot be robustly fixed. We are in the process of refactoring the code from the ground up, basing it on the visibility iteration engine used in calibration (which is robust and not slow). This will also allow use of different back ends such as Qt (not just matplotlib. Expect to see a basic beta version of the new plotter perhaps as early as 2.4.0 (Patch 4). In the meantime, we are curtailing further development, and limiting bug fixing, in the current plotxy.

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