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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Release Notes CASA 3.0.0

This release is the first public non-beta release. This means that at this stage, most, but not all, of the eventual functionality is available at some level. However, the package is still under development, and some features might change in future releases. This should be taken into account as users begin to learn the package. We will do our best to point out commands, tasks, and parameters that are likely to change underfoot. Although many bugs were eradicated in the Beta Release stage, there are some that persist. We will do our best to stamp these out as soon as we find them. See the release notes for the current version for more details. In the online documenatation and the cookbook, we will try to point out known pitfalls and workarounds.

We occasionally issue patches to the current release in between formal releases. Please check these pages regularly to look for updates to the release and the documentation, and to check the list of known problems. You can find the contact information for feedback here also.

Obtaining the CASA Release

See for information on how to obtain CASA.

Supported Platforms

Note that we provide two flavors of CASA binaries for installation:

  • Linux:
    • Both 32-bit and 64-bit are available
    • We test on RHEL 5 extensively, and do limited testing on Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora. Most linux flavors are thought to work, please let us know via the http://my.nrao.edu CASA helpdesk if you encounter one that does not.
  • Macintosh OSX 10.5 and 10.6 (Intel Macs only):
    • The Mac build is 32-bit, but runs fine on 64-bit machines. A 64-bit version is anticipated for the next patch.
    • MacOSX 10.4 is no longer supported

Science Scope

This release of CASA will support the import of data in a limited number of formats, and a reasonably full set of processing capabilities for only a limited number of observing modes. These are:

CASA Release Notes:

Valid for CASA Release 0 (Version 3.0.0) and later:

  • New interface changes:
    1. There is now a tput command to save task inputs to the <taskname>.last file for later use.
    2. The uv-distance units are "lambda" rather then just "l" (conflicted with litre in quanta).
  • New data handling features:
    1. (Task importasdm) The importasdm task now reads SDM v1.0 and has better handling of EVLA data.
    2. (Task importoldasdm) The task importoldasdm is available for reading older SDM v0 format data.
    3. (Task importvla) New option evlabands=T to use EVLA defined band boundaries, e.g. to access frequencies outside the old VLA bands.
    4. (Task exportuvfits) Efficiency has been improved, particularly for MS produced by importasdm.
    5. (Task listvis) Now prints u,v,w of data.
    6. (Task vishead) New task to list meta-data in header of MS.
    7. (Task visstat) New task to calculate statistics on data in MS.
    8. Data selection now handles the correlation parameter
  • New plotting and flagging features:
    1. (Task flagdata) There are a number of improvements, including an easier list-mode for selection parameters under mode='manualflag', and automatic backup of previous flags using flagbackup=T.
    2. (Task plotms) The new prototype MS plotting application plotms has many new features.
  • New synthesis calibration features:
    1. (Task cvel) There is a new task cvel that will regrid a spectral MS onto a new frequency channel system.
    2. (Task gencal) There is a new task gencal that will create a calibration table from lists, including options for delays and antenna position errors.
    3. (Task setjy) The calibration models provided for use in setjy now cover wider bandwidths.
    4. (Task split) You can now split a read only ms as long as you have write access to output disk.
  • New synthesis imaging features:
    1. (Task clean) A number of improvements were made to the clean task:
      1. There is a new calready parameter to create a scratch column and save model visibilities (e.g. for self-cal).
      2. There are new options using gridmode parameter, including 'widefield' for w-projection and faceting, and 'aprojection' for squint correction.
      3. Mosaicing with ftmachine='mosaic' now improved using flat-noise residuals.
      4. For interactive=T there is now a chaniter=T option to fully clean each cube channel sequentially.
      5. Frame handling via outframe and veltype for mode='velocity' and 'frequency'.
      6. Sault-Wieringa MFS for higher-order Taylor expansion of spectrum now available in mode='mfs'.
    2. (Task autoclean) New prototype (experimental) task to automatically clean data, including auto-boxing of emission.
    3. (Task boxit) New prototype (experimental) task to automatically generate clean boxes from an image.
    4. The task widefield was removed, as the functionality is now included in clean.
  • New image analysis features:
    1. (Task imfit) Now does multi-component fitting (starting from estimates provided in a file) and returns a Python dictionary instead of a component list.
    2. (Task immath) Now uses the imagename parameter to assign image name syntax in mode='evalexpr'.
    3. (Task immath) Known Bug: For mode='pola' you MUST call as a function, giving the parameters as arguments, or immath will fail.
  • New visualization features:
    1. (Task viewer) The viewer now handles images in different frames more robustly.
    2. (Task viewer) The Spectral Plot tool has some slight improvements.
    3. (Task viewer) For spectral cubes, you now see the channel velocities by default in the upper right corner of image. The number of decimal places shown is not sufficient to distinguish channels.
    4. (Task viewer) There is now a FileBox tool to display/edit clean-box regions.
  • New single-dish processing features:
    1. The single dish package was upgraded from using ASAP 2.2 to ASAP2.3.1.
    2. (Task sdimaging) New Single-Dish task that performs imaging both total power and spectral data for Single-Dish observations.
    3. (Task sdimprocess) New task sdimprocess for raster scans implementing Emerson-Grave and Sofue-Reich algorithms.
    4. There are a number of other changes, as this CASA module is under continuous development. See the Appendix A of the cookbook for the latest guide.
  • New simulator features:
    1. The simulator task simdata has a number of new features, see Appendix B of the cookbook for details.

For more information, see the Known Issues and FAQ page, and for general reference see the Help and Documentation page.

Copyright © 1995-2007 Associated Universities Inc., Washington, D.C.

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