Release Notes CASA 3.1.0

The CASA release 3.1.0 is the second release of CASA. The main feature improvements are listed below. In addition to the new features, many bugs were addressed and fixed.

We occasionally issue patches and 'stable' versions of CASA. To get notified, please subscribe to the 'casa-users' mailing list. Releases will be announced via the 'casa-announce' mailing list. To subscribe, please visit the mailing lists webpage. For feedback, and help please go to the NRAO helpdesk.

Note that in its current incarnation CASA is designed to support EVLA, ALMA, and VLA data, as well as single dish data from ALMA as well as Nobeyama. Data from other telescopes, be it single dish or interferometers can be imported from uvfits or sdfits formats into measurements sets (ms) or scantables in CASA. Given the variety of non-standard fits formats, we cannot guarantee that CASA will fully support data from all telescopes. However, efforts are made to support data formats from other facilities.

Obtaining the CASA Release

This version of CASA is available from our Download page. There, we also list the supported operating systems.

CASA Release Notes:

Valid for CASA Release 3.1.0 and later:

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