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The following are some examples using the 3C129 Tutorial

as an example.

It is helpful to extract the Stokes planes from the cube into individual images:

   imagename = ’3C129BC.clean.image’  
   outfile=’3C129BC.I’; expr=’IM0’; stokes=’I’; immath();  
   outfile=’3C129BC.Q’; expr=’IM0’; stokes=’Q’; immath();  
   outfile=’3C129BC.U’; expr=’IM0’; stokes=’U’; immath();  
   outfile=’3C129BC.V’; expr=’IM0’; stokes=’V’; immath();

Extract linearly polarized intensity and polarization position angle images:

  immath(stokes=’’, outfile=’3C129BC.P’, mode=’poli’,  
         imagename=[’3C129BC.Q’,’3C129BC.U’], sigma=’0.0mJy/beam’);  
  immath(stokes=’’, outfile=’3C129BC.X’, mode=’pola’,  
         imagename=[’3C129BC.Q’,’3C129BC.U’], sigma=’0.0mJy/beam’);

V3.0 ALERT: For mode=’pola’ you MUST call as a function as in this example (giving the parameters as arguments) or immath will fail.

Create a fractional linear polarization image:

   default( ’immath’)  
   imagename = [’3C129BC.I’,’3C129BC.Q’,’3C129BC.U’]  
   expr=’sqrt((IM1^2 + IM2^2)/IM0^2)’  

Create a polarized intensity image:

   default( ’immath’)  
   imagename = [’3C129BC.Q’,’3C129BC.U’,’3C129BC.V’]  
   expr=’sqrt(IM0^2 + IM1^2 + IM2^2)’  

Toolkit Tricks: The following uses the toolkit ( 6.23). You can make a complex linear polarization (Q + iU) image using the imagepol tool:

  # See CASA User Reference Manual:  
  # Make an imagepol tool and open the clean image  
  potool = casac.homefinder.find_home_by_name(’imagepolHome’)  
  po = potool.create()’3C129BC.clean.image’)  
  # Use complexlinpol to make a Q+iU image  

You can now display this in the viewer, in particular overlay this over the intensity raster with the intensity contours. When you load the image, use the LEL:


which is entered into the LEL box at the bottom of the Load Data menu ( 7.3.1).

More information about CASA may be found at the CASA web page

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This code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public Lincense

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