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MeasurementSet.h File Reference

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class  casa::MrsEligibility
class  casa::MeasurementSet
 A Table intended to hold astronomical data (a set of Measurements). More...


namespace  casa
 this file contains all the compiler specific defines


typedef MeasurementSet casa::MS
 MeasurementSet is too cumbersome for a number of common uses, so we give a typedef here.


MrsEligibility casa::operator- (const MrsEligibility &a, MrsEligibility::SubtableId subtableId)
 Creates a new MrsEligibilitySet by adding or removing the specified subtable or the specified set of subtables.
MrsEligibility casa::operator+ (const MrsEligibility &a, MrsEligibility::SubtableId subtableId)
MrsEligibility casa::operator- (const MrsEligibility &a, const MrsEligibility &b)
MrsEligibility casa::operator+ (const MrsEligibility &a, const MrsEligibility &b)