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TBConstants.h File Reference

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class  casa::Result
 Convenience class for a String/bool tuple. More...
class  casa::TBLocatedRows
 Results of a row locate on at least one table. More...
class  casa::TBConstants
 Constants, defaults, and commonly-used functions for the table browser. More...


namespace  casa
 this file contains all the compiler specific defines


enum  casa::Comparator {
 Enum listing the possible types of comparisons that can be made in, for example, a filter rule. More...
enum  casa::BooleanFormat {
 Enum listing the format for boolean values: "true/false", "t/f", "1/0", etc. More...
enum  casa::Driver { casa::DIRECT }
 Enum to indicate the different driver types. More...
enum  casa::Parser {
 Enum to indicate the different parsers available for XML drivers. More...