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casa::HistAcc< T > Member List
This is the complete list of members for casa::HistAcc< T >, including all inherited members.
autoDefineBins()casa::HistAcc< T > [private]
clearBuffer()casa::HistAcc< T > [private]
copy(const HistAcc &)casa::HistAcc< T >
defineBins(const T low, const T high, const T width)casa::HistAcc< T > [private]
emptyBinsWithLessThan(const uInt nmin)casa::HistAcc< T >
getBinValue(const uInt index) const casa::HistAcc< T > [private]
getBinWidth() const casa::HistAcc< T >
getHistogram(Block< uInt > &bins, Block< T > &values)casa::HistAcc< T >
getMedian()casa::HistAcc< T >
getPercentile(const Float p)casa::HistAcc< T >
getSpurious(uInt &tooSmall, uInt &tooLarge)casa::HistAcc< T >
getStatistics()casa::HistAcc< T >
HistAcc(const uInt nBuff)casa::HistAcc< T >
HistAcc(const uInt nBuff, const T width)casa::HistAcc< T >
HistAcc(const T low, const T high, const T width)casa::HistAcc< T >
HistAcc(const HistAcc &)casa::HistAcc< T >
init()casa::HistAcc< T > [private]
initBuffer(const uInt size)casa::HistAcc< T > [private]
itsAutoDefineModecasa::HistAcc< T > [private]
itsBinContentscasa::HistAcc< T > [private]
itsBinHighLimitcasa::HistAcc< T > [private]
itsBuffercasa::HistAcc< T > [private]
itsBufferContentscasa::HistAcc< T > [private]
itsStatAcccasa::HistAcc< T > [private]
itsUserDefinedBinWidthcasa::HistAcc< T > [private]
operator=(const HistAcc &)casa::HistAcc< T >
printHistogram(ostream &, const String &caption)casa::HistAcc< T >
put(const T v)casa::HistAcc< T > [inline]
put(const Array< T > &vv)casa::HistAcc< T >
put(const Block< T > &vv)casa::HistAcc< T >
put1(const T)casa::HistAcc< T > [private]
putBuffer(const T v)casa::HistAcc< T > [private]
reset()casa::HistAcc< T >
~HistAcc()casa::HistAcc< T > [inline]