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casa::PlotLine Member List
This is the complete list of members for casa::PlotLine, including all inherited members.
color() const =0casa::PlotLine [pure virtual]
DASHED enum valuecasa::PlotLine
DOTTED enum valuecasa::PlotLine
fromRecord(const Record &record)casa::PlotLine [virtual]
NOLINE enum valuecasa::PlotLine
operator!=(const PlotLine &rh) const casa::PlotLine [virtual]
operator=(const PlotLine &rh)casa::PlotLine [virtual]
operator==(const PlotLine &rh) const casa::PlotLine [virtual]
REC_COLORcasa::PlotLine [protected, static]
REC_STYLEcasa::PlotLine [protected, static]
REC_WIDTHcasa::PlotLine [protected, static]
setColor(const PlotColor &color)=0casa::PlotLine [pure virtual]
setColor(const PlotColorPtr c)casa::PlotLine [virtual]
setColor(const String &col)casa::PlotLine [virtual]
setStyle(Style style)=0casa::PlotLine [pure virtual]
setWidth(double width)=0casa::PlotLine [pure virtual]
SOLID enum valuecasa::PlotLine
style() const =0casa::PlotLine [pure virtual]
Style enum namecasa::PlotLine
toRecord() const casa::PlotLine [virtual]
width() const =0casa::PlotLine [pure virtual]
~PlotLine()casa::PlotLine [virtual]