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casa::PtrHolder< T > Member List
This is the complete list of members for casa::PtrHolder< T >, including all inherited members.
clear(Bool deleteCurrentPtr=True)casa::PtrHolder< T >
delete_pointer_if_necessary()casa::PtrHolder< T > [private]
isCArray() const casa::PtrHolder< T > [inline]
isCarray_pcasa::PtrHolder< T > [private]
operator const T *() const casa::PtrHolder< T > [inline]
operator T *()casa::PtrHolder< T > [inline]
operator=(const PtrHolder< T > &other)casa::PtrHolder< T > [private]
ptr()casa::PtrHolder< T > [inline]
ptr() const casa::PtrHolder< T > [inline]
ptr_pcasa::PtrHolder< T > [private]
PtrHolder()casa::PtrHolder< T >
PtrHolder(T *pointer, Bool isCArray=False)casa::PtrHolder< T >
PtrHolder(const PtrHolder< T > &other)casa::PtrHolder< T > [private]
set(T *pointer, Bool isCarray=False, Bool deleteCurrentPtr=True)casa::PtrHolder< T >
~PtrHolder()casa::PtrHolder< T >