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casa::Slice Member List
This is the complete list of members for casa::Slice, including all inherited members.
all() const casa::Slice [inline]
checkSlices(Vector< Vector< Slice > > &slices, Slicer &first, const IPosition &shape)casa::Slice [static]
end() const casa::Slice [inline]
inc() const casa::Slice [inline]
incpcasa::Slice [private]
length() const casa::Slice [inline]
lengthpcasa::Slice [private]
Slice()casa::Slice [inline]
Slice(size_t Start, size_t Length=1, size_t Inc=1)casa::Slice [inline]
Slice(size_t Start, size_t End, size_t Inc, Bool endIsLength)casa::Slice [inline]
start() const casa::Slice [inline]
startpcasa::Slice [private]