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hdu.h File Reference

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class  casa::HeaderDataUnit
 base class that defines a HDU More...
class  casa::PrimaryArray< TYPE >
 templated primary array base class of given type More...
class  casa::ImageExtension< TYPE >
 IMAGE extension of given type. More...
class  casa::PrimaryGroup< TYPE >
 Random Group datastructure. More...
class  casa::PrimaryTable< TYPE >
 Primary Table structure. More...
class  casa::ExtensionHeaderDataUnit
 base class for generalized exentensions HDU More...
class  casa::FitsBase
 helper class More...
class  casa::FitsField< TYPE >
 helper class
Note: Note that FitsField does not allocate space for the data; Space is external to FitsField and its address is set via the setaddr function;
class  casa::FitsField< FitsBit >
 helper class More...
class  casa::FitsArray< TYPE >
 FITS array of given type. More...
class  casa::FitsArray< FitsBit >
 FITS array of FitsBit type. More...
class  casa::BinaryTableExtension
 BINTABLE extension. More...
class  casa::AsciiTableExtension
 (ascii) TABLE extension More...


namespace  casa
 this file contains all the compiler specific defines


typedef PrimaryArray< unsigned
char > 
typedef PrimaryArray< short > casa::ShortPrimaryArray
typedef PrimaryArray< FitsLong > casa::LongPrimaryArray
typedef PrimaryArray< float > casa::FloatPrimaryArray
typedef PrimaryArray< double > casa::DoublePrimaryArray
typedef ImageExtension
< unsigned char > 
typedef ImageExtension< short > casa::ShortImageExtension
typedef ImageExtension< FitsLong > casa::LongImageExtension
typedef ImageExtension< float > casa::FloatImageExtension
typedef ImageExtension< double > casa::DoubleImageExtension
typedef PrimaryGroup< unsigned
char > 
typedef PrimaryGroup< short > casa::ShortPrimaryGroup
typedef PrimaryGroup< FitsLong > casa::LongPrimaryGroup
typedef PrimaryGroup< float > casa::FloatPrimaryGroup
typedef PrimaryGroup< double > casa::DoublePrimaryGroup
typedef PrimaryTable< unsigned
char > 
typedef PrimaryTable< short > casa::ShortPrimaryTable
typedef PrimaryTable< FitsLong > casa::LongPrimaryTable
typedef PrimaryTable< float > casa::FloatPrimaryTable
typedef PrimaryTable< double > casa::DoublePrimaryTable
typedef FitsField< FitsLogical > casa::LogicalFitsField
typedef FitsField< FitsBit > casa::BitFitsField
typedef FitsField< char > casa::CharFitsField
typedef FitsField< unsigned char > casa::ByteFitsField
typedef FitsField< short > casa::ShortFitsField
typedef FitsField< FitsLong > casa::LongFitsField
typedef FitsField< float > casa::FloatFitsField
typedef FitsField< double > casa::DoubleFitsField
typedef FitsField< Complex > casa::ComplexFitsField
typedef FitsField< IComplex > casa::IComplexFitsField
typedef FitsField< DComplex > casa::DComplexFitsField
typedef FitsField< FitsVADesc > casa::VADescFitsField
typedef FitsArray< FitsLogical > casa::LogicalFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< FitsBit > casa::BitFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< char > casa::CharFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< unsigned char > casa::ByteFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< short > casa::ShortFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< FitsLong > casa::LongFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< float > casa::FloatFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< double > casa::DoubleFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< Complex > casa::ComplexFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< IComplex > casa::IComplexFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< DComplex > casa::DComplexFitsArray
typedef FitsArray< FitsVADesc > casa::VADescFitsArray


std::ostream & casa::operator<< (std::ostream &o, HeaderDataUnit &h)
std::ostream & casa::operator<< (std::ostream &o, FitsBase &x)