Supported LINUX Operating Systems

The latest CASA 5.7/6.1 release is available!

CASA is releasing version 6.1 (Python 3) and CASA 5.7 (Python 2) simultaneously. The task and tools functionality of CASA 6.1 and 5.7 are scientifically equivalent, but CASA 6.1 can optionally be downloaded through pip-install. When using the tar-file distribution (with Python environment included) from the download below, either of the two CASA versions should run on the supported OSs.

CASA 5.7/6.1 is supported on the following LINUX operating systems: Only the LINUX operating systems listed above are officially supported by CASA, because these we run regular tests on. In addition, the CASA team supports Mac OSX. CASA may also work on other flavors of Linux, but this is at the discretion of the users (some tips from the community can be found here).

Manual processing can be done with any of the versions below, but the ALMA and VLA pipelines may differ and are not always included in the official CASA releases. Please ensure to download the correct CASA version for running a pipeline.

CASA 5.7 / 6.1

   RedHat 7/6 (6.1.2)   |   RedHat 7 (5.7.2)   |   RedHat 6 (5.7.2)

(Versions 6.1.2-7 and 5.7.2-4. CASA 6.1.2 includes a pipeline validated for VLA, CASA 5.7.2 does not include any pipeline)
ALMA pipeline with CASA 5.6

   RedHat 7   |   RedHat 6

(Version CASA 5.6.1-8, with ALMA pipeline version number 42866)

VLA pipeline with CASA 6.1

   RedHat 7/6

(Version CASA 6.1.2-7, with VLA pipeline version number 2020.1.0.36)

The above CASA versions can also be downloaded from our NAOJ CASA mirror site and NAOJ CASA-pipeline mirror site, or via Google Drive.

Release Information

The Release Notes and Known Issues of the 5.7/6.1 release are available in


Detailed instructions on how to install CASA, both regarding the downloadable tar-file and pip-wheel installation for CASA 6, can be found on the Installation pages of CASA Docs

Older Linux Releases

RedHat 7/6 (CASA 6.1.0)
RedHat 7 (CASA 4.7-5.7)
RedHat 6 (CASA 4.3-5.7)
RedHat 5 (CASA 4.3 - 4.6)
RedHat (CASA <=4.2.2)

Redhat Pipeline Releases (5.6+):

CASA 5.6 (Redhat 7 - Redhat 6)

Release information for previous casa versions can be found in