This application retrieves details of an image spectrum which has been integrated over a specified region (or the entire image if no region has been specified). One may specify which function to use to aggregate pixel values using the function parameter. Supported values are "flux density", "mean", "median", and "sum". Minimal match is supported. The spectral flux is reported in units flux density consistent with the image brightness unit times the specified spectral unit,

Jy*km/s, K*arcsec^2 *km/s

If the units are $K*arcsec^2$, multiply the reported value by 2.3504430539098e-8$*d^2$, where d is in pc, to convert to units of $K*pc^2$.

If provided, major and minor will be used to compute the beam size, and hence the per channel flux densities (if function="flux density"), overriding the input image beam information, if present.