Build and Release

CASA uses Bamboo for continuous integration.  The steps in the continuous integration process, including building, verifying, and validating code, are described on the Continuouse Integration page of this chapter.  This page describes additional details related to building and releasing the CASA software.

Accessing Release and Pre-release Products

CASA Releases are staged for download from the Obtaining CASA page.

Beginning in January 2017, new OS X and Linux packaged distributions for CASA 5.0.0 will be posted to  Linux yum repository settings for CASA should be changed to point to

Package Version Numbering

The pre-release versions of CASA will be numbered as follows.


Where MAJOR and MINOR are the major and minor version numbers.  With the CASA 5.0 release, "5" will be the major number and "0" will be the minor number.  Any patches released will be numbered incrementally starting from 1 and resetting back to 1 with each major/minor release.  The build number will start out at “1” and will be incremented with each build during the development and release periods.  This number will correspond to the number of tested and verified features being merged into the git master development branch.


[Describe the relevant Bamboo details related to the build process.  May include a description of each of the branch plans.]

Semiannual Release Process

This process is under development...

  • Change default installation of CASA on NRAO Linux systems.
  • Announce change of default NRAO CASA installation.  The following email lists should be used for the announcement.
  • Post release for download on NRAO CASA page
  • Announce new release to external users.

Continuous Release Process

The CDG will undergo a staged transition from a semiannual release process to a continuous release process.  Following the release of CASA 5.0 (March 2017) the CDG will implement a "continuous pre-release" process wherein fully-tested and validated code changes trigger automatic generation of a CASA pre-release package that is made available for user download.  The pre-release versions of CASA will be available from the CASA download page, but they will not be advertised to users through the CASA email lists an NRAO E-News in the way that semiannual releases are. 

The final transition to continuous release will be made following evaluation of the quality of pre-release packages and refinement of the continuous pre-release process.  Nominally, this is expected to happen following semiannual release of CASA 5.1 (October 2017).  Specific factors affecting pre-release quality must be addressed before this final transition:

  • The documentation process must be evaluated and refined.  The CASA Users Committee has requested the CDG apply effort to improving documentation.  Historically, CASA documentation and code changes have not been strongly coupled.  This will change with the release of the new CASA Docs platform with CASA 5.0 and new JIRA issue workflows that include a stage for documentation.  The CDG must demonstrate the ability to develop code and documentation in a strongly coupled process, complete with verification and validation activities that encompass both documentation and code changes.
  • The new continuous integration (CI) system must be demonstrated to work effeciently and effectively with the CDG software development and built and test processes.