Adding a Tool to the Global Tool List

  1. Navigate to the Global Tool List directory within CASA Documentation.
  2. Login with your NRAO credentials.
  3. You will see both published and private Tools within the directory as a logged in user. Do you see a Tool missing from the documentation? 
  4. Click ‘Contents’ on the Plone Toolbar.
  5. You will be redirected to the Global Tool List Contents page within Plone. The Contents page will list all published, private, and items excluded from navigation within the Global Tool List. You should see a folder labelled ‘TOOL TEMPLATE’ near the top of the list on the first page.
  6. TOOL TEMPLATE is an unpublished folder that contains all of the pages and code currently required for documenting a Tool in CASA Docs.
  7. Copy the TOOL TEMPLATE folder and paste it back into Contents. You should now have a copy of TOOL TEMPLATE.
  8. Rename TOOL TEMPLATE to the name of the Tool. Follow the naming conventions listed below:
    1. Clear the default template names and give the Tool a Title and a Short Name. 
    2. The Title is simply the name of the Tool. All one word and lowercase. Example: msmetadata's title is "msmetadata"
    3. The Short Name is "tool_" + Title of the Tool. All one word and lowercase. Example: msmetadata's short name is "tool_msmetadata"
    4. Refer to your other resources for the Tool's correct spelling. 
    5. Apply changes.
  9. You are now ready to edit the pages within your new Tool folder. Your new Tool documentation folder should have six items total: Redirect, Description, Methods, Changelog, Examples, and Developer.
  10. DO NOT EDIT the 'Redirect', 'Methods', and 'Changelog' pages in the Tool. The 'Redirect' page is a redirect link to the Tool's Description page for anonymous users. The ‘Methods’ and ‘Changelog’ tabs are automatically generated from an external source based on the Tool name.
  11. You are free to edit Description, Examples, and Developer as you see fit. All changes are tracked and saved in Plone.
  12. Publish the Tool folder and its contents once you have finished documenting.