Note that this task operates in scantable format which is discontinued support from CASA 5.0.  This "old" version is retained to preserve back-consistency. The functionality of this task is replicated for measurements format,  with sdimaging.

Task sdgridold performs spatial gridding according to the user specification of spatial grid, convolution function, etc. For grid configuration, the task supplements necessary information by referring input data if any of gridding parameter ('npix', 'cell', or 'center') is not specified by the user. If 'center' is default value (empty string), central position of the grid will be set to the center of observed area, i.e. x=0.5*(xmax+xmin), y=0.5*(ymax+ymin). If either 'cell' or 'npix' is set, unspecified one will be calculated from the others. In that case, total extent of the grid will be set to cover all observed position. If neither 'cell' nor 'npix' is set, cell size will be set to 1.0 arcmin and number of pixel will be calculated based on that cell size. Currently, only J2000 frame is supported.