Note that this task is operates in scantable format, This "old" version is retained to preserve back-consistency. It's functionality on Measurement set format is replicated by task visstat2, and  imstat.


Task sdstatold computes basic statistics for each of single-dish spectrum. This task returns a Python dictionary of statistics. The return value contains the maximum and minimum intensity and their channels ('max', 'max_abscissa', 'min', and 'min_abscissa'), RMS ('rms'), mean ('mean'), sum ('sum'), median ('median'), standard deviation ('stddev'), total intensity ('totint'), and equivalent width ('eqw'). If you do have multiple scantable rows, then the return values will be lists. It is possible to select channel regions to calculate spectra either non-interactively by spw parameter or interactively on a plotter by setting interactive=True. If one of averaging parameters is set True, the spectra are averaged before calculating the statistics.