The smoothcal task will smooth calibration solutions (most usefully 'G' or 'T') over a specified time interval to reduce noise and outliers.  Flagged solutions will be unflagged and replaced with smoothed solutions if unflagged solutions are available within the smoothing window.  Smoothing will be applied per field and per spw; these cannot be combined.



Input/output: vis, tablein, caltable

Specify the relevant MS in vis (for meta-info purposes; will someday deprecate), and the input calibration table in tablein.  Specify the output (smoothed) calibration table name in caltable.  If caltable is left unspecified, the input calibration table (tablein) will be overwritten with the smoothed result.

Selection: field

Specify the subset of fields to be smoothed in field.  All fields wil be copied to the new calibration table, but only the specified fields will be smoothed.

Smoothing parameters: smoothtype, smoothtime

Specify the smoothing type, 'mean' or 'median' in smoothtype.   The timescale (the boxcar width) over which the smooth operation is applied should be specified in smoothtime, in seconds.