Coding Guidelines

This process should be totally refactored based on the architecture improvement epic.

Rather than refactoring existing code that is not compliant, the CDG aims to incrementally adopt guidelines by applying them to newly updated code when reasonable.

Selection and Implementation of Guidelines

The following process will be followed to select and implement coding guidelines for the CASA team.

  1. FY17 Q2: Coding guidelines will be selected by the GL based on the following criteria:
    1. The guidelines will be industry standard.
    2. The guidelines will be supported by style checking software that can verify compliance.
  2. FY17 Q2: The choice of guidelines will be announced to the CASA team along with documentation on the guidelines and a plan for moving toward compliance.
  3. FY17 Q3: Style checking software will be integrated into the CASA build system and tested.
  4. FY17 Q4: The style checking software will be turned on, enforcing compliance of newly committed and updated code with the coding guidelines.

Potential Guidelines

The following are examples of guidelines that could be selected for the CDG: