This chapter describes the processes used by the CASA Development Group (CDG).

Process Management

Work Planning and Tracking

Software Development

Build and Release

Software Quality Management

Team Management


  • The DMSD Software Development Processes (new draft pending review, available inside NRAO network) describes the software development process framework for the Data Management and Software Department (DMSD).  This document primarily consists of recommendations and perferred approaches to software development with a few policy requirements.  The document pertains to all DMSD software groups and is thus not maintained within CASA Docs.  The topics covered in this document that are relevant to CASA are:
    • Release management -- a stated preference for continuous release and a requirement for a release schedule.
    • Configuration management -- use of git version control system
    • Work request (JIRA issue) types
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • JIRA issue workflows
    • JIRA issue artifacts and templates -- info rmation that should be produced during the workflow, described for each issue type
    • DMSD Group Management Document -- document that describes management plan for each DMS group for approximately the next year