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CASA System Administration

CASA Data Repository

The Immutable

The one thing that is immutable regarding the CASA data repository is the CNAME This must point to the host which serves updates for the data repository that is distributed with OSX and Linux binary distributions of CASA. These distributions use the URL:


to update the minimal data repository that comes with each CASA binary distribution. This is important because the geodetic and ephemeris information that the data repository contains drifts out of date over the course of a few months. If it is not updated, the images that a particular distribution produces will gradually begin to suffer.

There are per-NRAO site directories:

/home/casa/data/distro source for rsync://
/home/casa/data/master cloned version of the complete data repository (useful for testing)
/home/casa/data/release cloned version of the complete data repository, specific to the current release being tested

The Mutable

In addition to being able to rsync the minimal data repository from It is also possible to fetch the entire data repository with rsync using:


As far as I know this is not currently (Spring 2017) used for production systems.

There is also a process that accompanies the updates of the rsync-able data repository. A cronjob ( updates the directories /home/casa/data/{distro,master,release} for Charlottesville. The entire /home/casa/data tree is copied to the NRAO/Socorro with a separate cronjob ( The CNAME maps to the host This host runs an rsync server which serves:

NRAO/Socorro Local Directory rsync URL
/home/casa/data/distro rsync://
/home/casa/data/master rsync://
/home/casa/data/release N/A