A source model (souce.model image) or components list is converted into a model visibility that is inserted into the MODEL_DATA column.  This is needed to use resolved source in gaincal and in fluxscale.

Setjy will automatically make this ft step on the sources currently available are 3C48, 3C138, 3C147, 3C286 at 1.4, 5.0, 8.4, 15, 22, 43 GHz.  Their location is site dependent.  In Charlottesville and at the AOC, the models are in /usr/lib(lib64)/casapy/data/nrao/VLA/CalModels.

       Keyword arguments:
       vis -- Name of input visibility file
              default: none; example: vis='ngc5921.ms'
       field -- Field name list
               default: '' ==> all
               NOTE: BUT, only one source can be specified in a multi-source vis.
               field = '1328+307'  specifies source '1328+307'
               field = '4' specified field with index 4
       spw -- Spw selection
               default: spw = '' (all spw)
       model -- Name of input model image
               default: '' ==> None;
               example: model='/usr/lib/casapy/data/nrao/VLA/CalModels/3C286_X.im'
               Note: The model visibilities are scaled from the model frequency
                     to the observed frequency of the data.
       nterms -- Number of terms used to model the sky frequency dependence
                 default: 1  ==> one model image is required
                 example : nterms=3  represents a 2nd order Taylor-polynomial in frequency
                           and should be used in conjuction with coefficient model images as
                   model=['xxx.model.tt0','xxx.model.tt1', 'xxx.model.tt2']
             reffreq -- Reference-frequency about which this Taylor-expansion is defined.
                    default: '' ==> reads the reference frequency from the model image
                        example : reffreq = '1.5GHz'
       complist -- Name of component list
               default: None; ; example: complist='test.cl'
               component lists are difficult to make.
       incremental -- Add model visibility to the existing model visibilties stored in the MS
               default: False; example: incremental=True
       usescratch  -- if True model visibilities will be stored in the scratch column
                            MODEL_DATA; when false the model visibilities will be generated
                            on the fly (this mode may save some disk space equivalent to
                the volume of the observed data).
                            default: False; example usescratch=True