The importfitsidi task permits CASA users to process visibility data provided in the files following the FITS-IDI standard (E. Greisen, AIPS memo 114, revised version).

# importfitsidi :: Convert a FITS-IDI file to a CASA visibility data set
fitsidifile      = ['']  # Name(s) of input FITS-IDI file(s)
vis              = ''    # Name of output visibility file (MS)
constobsid       = False # If True, give constant obs ID==0 to the data from all input fitsidi files (False = separate obs id for each file)
scanreindexgap_s = 0.0   # min time gap (seconds) between integrations to start a new scan

The parameters constobsid and scanreindexgap_s permit to control the conversion w.r.t. the observation IDs used in the MS and division into scans.