This task copies all or part of the image to a new image specified by outfile. Both float and complex valued images are supported.

Sometimes it is useful to drop axes of length one (degenerate axes). Set dropdeg equal to True if you want to do this.

The output mask is the combination (logical OR) of the default input pixel mask (if any) and the OTF mask. Any other input pixel masks will not be copied. Use function ia.maskhandler if you need to copy other masks too.

If the mask has fewer dimensions than the image and if the shape of the dimensions the mask and image have in common are the same, the mask will automatically have the missing dimensions added so it conforms to the image.

If stretch=true and if the number of mask dimensions is less than or equal to the number of image dimensions and some axes in the mask are degenerate while the corresponding axes in the image are not, the mask will be stretched in the degenerate dimensions. For example, if the input image has shape [100, 200, 10] and the input mask has shape [100, 200, 1] and stretch=true, the mask will be stretched along the third dimension to shape [100, 200, 10]. However if the mask has shape [100, 200, 2], stretching is not possible and an error will result.