MIRIAD-CASA Dictionary

The Table below provides a list of common Miriad tasks, and their equivalent CASA tool or tool function names. The two packages differ in both their architecture and calibration and imaging models, and there is often not a direct correspondence. However, this index does provide a scientific user of CASA who is familiar with MIRIAD, with a simple translation table to map their existing data reduction knowledge to the new package.

In particular, note that the procedure of imaging and cleaning of visibility data between CASA and MIRIAD differs slightly. In MIRIAD the tasks invert, clean and restor are used in order to attain "CLEAN" images, whereas in CASA the task clean/tclean achieves the same steps as a single task.

MIRIAD Task CASA task/tool Description
atlod importatca Import ATCA RPFITS files
blflag plotms/msview Interactive baseline based editor/flagger
cgcurs viewer Interactive image analysis
cgdisp viewer Image display, overlays
clean clean/tclean Clean an image
delhd imhead (mode='del'), clearcal Delete values in dataset/remove calibration tables 
fits importmiriad,importfits, exportfits, importuvfits, exportuvfits FITS uv/image filler
gethd imhead (mode='get') Return values in image header
gpboot fluxscale Set flux density scale
gpcal gaincal, polcal Polarization leakage and gain calibration
gpcopy applycal Copy calibration tables from one source to another
gpplt plotcal, plotms Plot calibration solutions
imcomb immath Image combination
imfit imfit Image-plane component fitter
impol immath (mode='poli' or 'pola') Manipulate polarization images (see example)
imstat imstat Image statistics
imsub imsubimage Extract sub-image
invert clean/tclean Synthesis imaging/make dirty map
linmos im tool (im.linearmosaic) Linear mosaic combination of images
maths immath Calculations involving images
mfboot fluxscale Set flux density scale
mfcal bandpass, gaincal Bandpass and gain calibration
moment immoments Calculate image moments
prthd imhead, listobs, vishead Print header of image or uvdata
puthd imhead (mode='put') Add/edit values in image header
restor clean Restore a clean component model
selfcal clean, gaincal, etc. Selfcalibration of visibility data
uvplt plotms Plot visibility data
uvspec plotms Plot visibility spectra data
uvsplit split Split visibility dataset by source/frequency etc