On-the-fly calibration

As of CASA 4.5 mstransform incorporates the possibility of applying on the-the-fly (OTF) calibration by specifying docallib = True, which in turn allows to specify the “Cal Library” filename (callib parameter). This transformation is the first one applied to the data, producing effectively a corrected data column on-the-fly, which can be further transformed. callib is the filename pointing to the calibration specification file, where conventions and current limitations are also described.  The combination of OTF calibration and cal libraries enable complex calibrations to be applied, and for the calculation to proceed more quickly than they otherwise might.

docallib = True   # Enable OTF calibration

callib   = ''     # Cal Library filename

An example of a Cal Library file is given below.

caltable='ngc5921_regression/ngc5921.bcal' calwt=True tinterp='nearest' 
caltable='ngc5921_regression/ngc5921.fluxscale' calwt=True tinterp='nearest' fldmap='nearest' 
caltable='ngc5921_regression/ngc5921.gcal' calwt=True field='0' tinterp='nearest' fldmap=[0] 
caltable='ngc5921_regression/ngc5921.gcal' calwt=True field='1,2' tinterp='linear' fldmap='1' 

See the full description of a Cal Library here.