plotms is a task for plotting and interacting with visibility data. A variety of axes choices (including data column) along with MS selection and averaging options are provided.  All of the provided parameters can also be set using the GUI once the application has been launched.  Additional operations are available through the GUI such as marking a region then using the Locate tool to list information about the points in the plot, or using the Flag and Unflag tools to change the flags in the marked region. Flag extension parameters are also available for flagging operations in the plotter.

Limited support for calibration table plotting is included as of CASA v4.1, with expanded capabilities for plotting calibration tables, including polarization selection and better axis labelling, added in CASA v4.7.  See also the task plotcal, which has functionality not fully implemented in plotms yet.  Most basic functions (plotting, iteration, locate, flagging) will work for most CalTables. Parameterized CalTables (delays, antpos, gaincurve, opacity), will currently just plot the simple parameters contained in the table. BPOLY and GSPLINE tables are not yet supported. Features currently unsupported for CalTables include averaging, transformations (velocity conversions, etc.), and some selection and axes choices. In the plotms GUI, many options irrelevant for CalTables are not hidden when interacting with a calibration table, and such settings will be ignored (when benign) or cause an error message.

For a more detailed explanation of the plotms parameters and their use, see the documentation on using plotms under Data Examination and Editing.