Physical Constants

The following physical constants are defined in CASA:


Constant Name Value
pi 3.14.. 3.14159
ee 2.71.. 2.71828
c speed of light 2.99792×108 m s−1
G grav. constant 6.67259×1011 N m2 kg−2
h Planck constant 6.62608×10−34 J s
HI HI line frequency 1420.41 MHz
R gas constant 8.31451 J K−1 mol−1
NA Avogadro # 6.02214×1023 mol−1
e electron charge 8.85418782×10−12 F m-1
mp proton mass 1.67262×10−27  kg
mp_me mp/me 1836.15
mu0 permeability vac. 1.25664×10−6 H m−1
eps0 permittivity vac. 1.60218×10−19 C
k Boltzmann constant 1.38066×10−23 J K−1
F Faraday constant 96485.3 C mol−1
me electron mass 9.10939×10−31  kg
re electron radius 2.8179e×10−15  m
a0 Bohrs radius 5.2918×10−11  m
R0 solar radius 6.9599×108  m
k2 IAU grav. const2 0.000295912 AU3 d−2 S0−1