Parallelization in Imaging

Parallelization for Imaging will be officially released in CASA 5.1.   This section contains information about the current state of the system and is meant for internal users and testers who are working with the development team to commission it.


Parallelization via  mpicasa / clustermanager

LINK to Parallelization section to see how to start things up.

If needed, HERE are some diagrams that show the module-level implementation of both Cube and Continuum parallelization for Imager.


Continuum Imaging

Major cycles are parallelized via data partitioning and appropriate gather/scatter steps. There is only one minor cycle running on the master node.


Cube Imaging

 Both major and minor cycles are parallelized by running entire imaging and deconvolution equences separately on chunks of image channels (and then reference-concatenating the results).  Iteration control is currently not synchronized between chunks.

Todo after CASA 5.0 - modify the plumbing to get synchronized iteration control.



Multi-threading within Imager

( Kumar - please can you add some notes here since you know it best ? )

Gridding ..

Multi-Scale Clean