Crash Reporter

The crash reporter functionality is a standard CASA feature that was introduced in CASA 5.0 in an effort to improve CASA through tracking the crashes that users experience. The crash reports include:

  • program call stack
  • filesystem mount information
  • CASA log
  • memory information
  • operating system version
  • CPU information

This functionality is enabled by default, and it will generate a crash dump whenever the program terminates abnormally (e.g., unhandled C++ exception, segfault, etc.). After the report is generated, it will be posted to the CASA site at NRAO. A crash dump will only be produced when the application ends abnormally.

The instructions below describe how to disable the crash reporter.

1. Disabling Crash Reporter

If you supply the:


option from the bash command line when starting CASA the crash reporter will not be started. The crash reprter can also be disabled by adding a line to the CASA RC file (e.g., ~/.casarc or ~/.casa/rc):

UseCrashReporter: false