CASA Developer Talks

The CASA Cross Training Program promotes exchange of information within the CASA development group (CDG). The goals of the program are:

  1. to mitigate establishment of knowledge silos,
  2. to promote communication between astronomers and engineers,
  3. to encourage team members to take a wholistic view of the CASA system, and
  4. to strengthen the CASA team.

Every month one member of the CASA development group will give a talk on one of the following topics related to CASA:

  • Overview of a CASA subsystem
  • Overview of astonomical research with emphasis on relevance to CASA
  • Discussion of software engineering methodology
  • Vision for the future

The primary audience of the talk will be other CASA team members; staff outside the CASA team may also attend, so long as their presence does not detract from achieving the goals listed above. Talks should be scheduled in coordination with team members in other timezones and should be recorded if possible for later viewing.