Traceability of Functions, Files, and Tests

The CDG will implement a framework that traces relationships between functional capabilities (functions), files and tests. 


  1. FY17 Q3: Select 3rd-party traceability tool or specify requirements for custom built framework.
  2. FY18 Q1: Implement tool and define process for use of tool by CDG members.
  3. FY18 Q2: Developers seed tool with information relevant to every CASA task.
  4. FY18 Q3: Tool fully-implemented in development process.

Selection of Framework

CASA will establish a traceability framework that connects functional capabilities with files and tests.


  • The framework shall allow lookup of traceability information by function, file, or test.
  • The framework shall allow updates to traceability information.
  • The framework shall allow addition of new functions, files, and tests.

Use Cases:

  1. A new developer is trying to understand one file in the CASA code base.  The developer uses the traceability tool to understand what functional capabilities are supported by this file.
  2. A developer begins work on a request to modify an existing CASA functionality.  The developer uses the traceability tool to understand what files relate to the existing functionality.

Seeding of Traceability Information

Initial population of traceability information will be provided by each developer for their respective area of expertise.  The recommended approach for a developer will be:

  1. list all functional capabilities for a given task/tool,
  2. associate each function with files and tests, and
  3. Review any files or tests missing from the list (these may indicate missing functionality).

Once the functional traceability is established, updates to it will become part of the usual software development process.