Plots the uv coverage of vis in klambda. ncycles of colors will be allocated to representative wavelengths.

WARNING: The task plotuv will be deprecated in CASA 5.4.


Parameter descriptions


Name of input visibility file. Default: none. Examples: vis=''


Select field using field id(s) or field name(s). [run listobs to obtain the list IDs or names]. Default: ''=all fields. If field is a non-negative integer, it is assumed to be a field index. Otherwise, it is assumed to be a field name. Examples: field='0~2', field ids 0,1,2; field='0,4,5~7', field ids 0,4,5,6,7; field='3C286,3C295', fields named 3C286 and 3C295; field = '3,4C*', field id 3, all names starting with 4C.


Select data based on antenna/baseline. default: '' (all). non-negative integers are assumed to be antenna indices, and anything else is taken as an antenna name. Examples: antenna='5&6', baseline between antenna index 5 and index 6; antenna='VA05&VA06', baseline between VLA antenna 5 and 6; antenna='5&6;7&8', baselines 5-6 and 7-8; antenna='5', all baselines with antenna 5; antenna='5,6,10', all baselines including antennas 5, 6, or 10; antenna='5,6,10&', all baselines with *only* antennas 5, 6, or 10. (cross-correlations only. Use && to include autocorrelations, and &&& to get only autocorrelations); antenna='!ea03,ea12,ea17': all baselines except those that include EVLA antennas ea03, ea12, or ea17.


Select spectral windows. Channel selection is ignored for now. Default: ''=all spectral windows. spw='0~2,4', spectral windows 0,1,2,4; spw='<2', spectral windows less than 2 (i.e. 0,1); spw='0', spw 0; spw='0,10,3', spws 0, 10, and 3.


Select by observation ID(s). default: '' = all


(Sub)array number range. default: ''=all


Save memory and/or screen space by plotting a maximum of maxnpts (or all of them if maxnpts < 1). There is a very sharp slowdown if the plotter starts swapping. Default: 100000


A list of matplotlib color codes, used in order of decreasing visibility wavelength. Default: ['r', 'y', 'g', 'b'] (red, yellow, green, blue)


One of matplotlib's codes for plot symbols: .:,o^v<>s+xDd234hH|_ . Default: ',': The smallest points I could find.


The number of times colors will be cycled through per plot. Default: 1


If not '', save the plots using names based on figfile. E.g., if figfile is 'test.png', and field is '1,2,4', the plots will be saved to test_fld1.png, test_fld2.png, and test_fld4.png. Default: '' (Do not save)