The sakura tool is intended to be an interface to functions that sakura library provide. Since, however, sakura functions are responsible for low level data processing such as interpolation, least-square fitting, etc., they are not exposed to CASA interface in general. Instead, they are used inside other tools such as singledishms and calibrater. Exceptions are two administrative methods, initialize_sakura and cleanup_sakura. The sakura library must be initialized before using any available functions. Also, it must be cleaned up finally. As name indicates, initialize_sakura and cleanup_sakura are responsible for those mandatory steps for sakura library. However, you don't need to worry about initializing and cleaning up sakura library. CASA properly manages sakura library using these methods during its startup and exit.

It is not recommended that users interact with sakura tool explicitly. Manual use of sakura tool may cause unexpected error. For this reason, sakura tool is not available to the users by default. Users are able to create sakura tool by yourself but it is also not recommended.