List the visibility data in a MeasurementSet.

This task lists MeasurementSet visibility data under a number of input selection conditions. The MeasurementSet data columns that can be listed are: raw data, float_data, corrected data, model data, and residual (corrected - model) data.

The output table format is dynamic. The columns for field, spectral window, and channel are not displayed if the column contents are uniform. For example, if "spw = '1' " is specified, the spw column will not be displayed. When a column is not displayed, a message is sent to the logger and terminal indicating that the column values are uniform and listing the uniform value.

Table column descriptions:

Column Name Description
Date/Time Time stamp of data sample (YYMMDD/HH:MM:SS UT)
Intrf Interferometer baseline (antenna names)
UVDist uv-distance (units of wavelength)
Fld Field ID (if more than 1 field)
SpW Spectral Window ID (if more than 1 spectral window)
Chn Channel number (if more than 1 channel)
(Correlated polarization) Correlated polarizations (eg: RR, LL, XY). Sub-columns are: Amp, Phs, Wt, F
Amp Visibility amplitude
Phs Visibility phase (deg)
Wt Weight of visibility measurement
F Flag: 'F' = flagged datum; ' ' = unflagged
UVW UVW coordinates (meters)


Parameter descriptions


Name of input visibility file.


List options: default = 'ap'. Not yet implemented for suboptions.


Visibility file data column. Options are 'data' (default), 'float_data', 'corrected', 'model', 'residual' (corrected-model).


Select data based on field id(s) or name(s). Example: field='0~2' includes field ids 0 to 2; field='3C*' includes all field names starting with 3C. Default is all fields.


Select spectral windows and channels to list. Example: spw='2:34~46' includes channels 34 to 46 of spectral window 2. Default is all spws and channels.


If selectdata=True, toggle the below 7 selection parameters. If selectdata=False, the following parameters are reset to default values.


Select data based on antenna. For example: antenna = '5,6' includes antenna index 5 and 6 solutions; antenna = '05,06' includes antenna names '05' and '06' solutions.


Select time range to list. For example: timerange='10:37:50.1' lists data for this particular sampling interval; timerange='<10:37:25' list data before 10:37:25.


Select polarization correlations to list. For example: correlation='RR LL' list RR and LL correlations; correlation='XX XY' list XX and XY correlations.


Select scans to list. For example: scan='2' lists scan 2; scan='>2' list scan numbers greater than 2.

feed (not yet implemented)

array (not yet implemented)


Select by observation ID.


Select baseline lengths to list. For example: uvrange='<5klambda' lists all data from baselines less than 5 kilo-wavelengths; uvrange='500~1000m' lists all data from baselines between 500m and 1000m.

CAUTION: Input units default to meters, but listed units are always wavelengths!

average (not yet implemented)

showflags (not yet implemented)


Rows per page of listing. Default: 50; pagerows=0 means do not paginate.


Write output file to disk (will not overwrite). The default is to write to the screen.