The mstransformer tool can apply the following transformations to the MS:

* read an input MS or Multi-MS
* ability to create an output MS or MMS
* spw combination and separation
* channel averaging taking weights into account
* time averaging taking a minimum number of baselines (to-be-implemented)
* reference frame transformation
* hanning smoothing

Parse the configuration parameters

The minimum parameters that the tool accepts are the inputms and outputms. All the
remaining parameters are optional. They are:
data selection parameters (spw, field, scan, state, correlation, observation, array,
timerange, uvrange and antenna). Please, see help mstransform for all the available
parameters and their types.

# Parse the parameters.

myparams = {}

Open the MeasurementSet

Once all the parameters are parsed, open the MS and run the setup. These first step will check the data columns to fill, initialize the data selection parameters andget the requested input number of channels. These two functions get no parameters.

Open and setup the framework.

Run the tool

Run the tool to apply all the transformations to the data.

# Run the tool.

Destroy the tool

Do not forget to destroy and close the tool at the end.