Printing from the Viewer

You can select Data:Print from the drop down menu or click the printer icon in the Main Toolbar to bring up the Viewer Print Manager. From this panel, you can "Print" the contents of Display Panel to a hardcopy or "Save" them as an image in a format selected from the drop-down menu at the bottom left of the window.

NOTE: The save feature will overwrite the file in question without prompting.

The Viewer Print Manager allows you to adjust the DPI, orientation, and page format (Output Media) for Postscript or PDF files and to scale the image to a desired pixel size for other images.

To achieve the best output it is usually advisable to adjust the settings in the Viewer Print Manager (printer icon in the Main Toolbar), Data Display Options (Data:Adjust Data Display), and Viewer Canvas Manager (wrench+"P" icon in the Main Toolbar). For PDF and Postscript output, turning the DPI up all the way yields the best-looking results. For other images, a white background often makes for better looking images than the default black. It is often necessary to increase the Line Width in the Axis Label Properties (in the Data Display Options panel) to ensure that the labels will be visible when printed. Increasing from the default of 1.4 to a value around 2 often works well.

Printing to a File shows an example of printing to a file while adjusting the Data Display Options and Viewer Canvas Manager to improve the appearance of the plot.

Type Figure
ID Viewer Print Manager
Caption Printing to a File: From the Viewer Print Manager, shown here in top right and accessed by the printer icon in the Main Toolbar or from the Data drop down menu, you can use the "Save" button to save an image or "Print" directly to a printer. To achieve the best results, it is often helpful to adjust the settings in the Data Display Options and Viewer Canvas Manager, shown at left.