AIPS-CASA Dictionary

 AIPS tasks and their corresponding CASA tasks. Note that this list is not complete and there is also not a one-to-one translation. 

 AIPS Task  CASA task/tool  Description
APROPOS taskhelp List tasks with a short description of their purposes
BLCAL blcal Calculate a baseline-based gain calibration solution
BLCHN blcal Calculate a baseline-based bandpass calibration solution
BPASS bandpass Calibrate bandpasses
CALIB gaincal Calibrate gains (amplitudes and phases)
CLCAL applycal Apply calibration to data
COMB immath Combine images
CPASS bandpass Calibrate bandpasses by polynomial fitting
CVEL cvel/mstransform Regid visibility spectra
DBCON concat/virtualconcat Concatenate u-v datasets
DEFAULT default Load a task with default parameters
FILLM importvla Import old-format VLA data
FITLD importuvfits/importfitsidi Import a u-v dataset which is in FITS format
FITLD importfits Import an image which is in FITS format
FITTP exportuvfits Write a u-v dataset to FITS format
FITTP exportfits Write an image to FITS format
FRING (coming soon) Calibrate group delays and phase rates
GETJY fluxscale Determine flux densities for other cals
GO go Run a task
HELP help Display the help page for a task (also use
IMAGR clean/tclean Image and deconvolve
IMFIT  imfit Fit gaussian components to an image
IMHEAD vishead View header for u-v data
IMHEAD imhead View header for an image
IMLIN imcontsub Subtract continuum in image plane
IMLOD importfits Import a FITS image 
IMSTAT imstat Measure statistics on an image
INP inp View task parameters
JMFIT imfit Fit gaussian components to an image
LISTR listobs Print basic data
MCAT ls List image data files
MOMNT immoments Compute moments from an image
OHGEO imregrid Regrids an image onto another image’s geometry
PBCOR  impbcor/widebandpbcor Correct an image for the primary beam
PCAL polcal Calibrate polarization
POSSM plotcal/plotms Plot bandpass calibration tables
POSSM plotms Plot spectra
PRTAN listobs Print antenna locations
PRTAN plotants Plot antenna locations
QUACK flagdata Remove first integrations from scans
RENAME mv Rename an image or dataset
RFLAG flagdata  Auto-flagging
SETJY setjy Set flux densities for flux cals
SMOTH imsmooth Smooth an image
SNPLT plotcal/plotms Plot gain calibration tables
SPFLG viewer/msview Flag raster image of time v. channel
SPLIT split Write out u-v files for individual sources
STATWT statwt Weigh visibilities based on their noise
TASK inp Load a task with current parameters
TGET tget Load a task with parameters last used for that task
TVALL viewer/imview Display image
TVFLG viewer/msview Flag raster image of time v. baseline
UCAT ls List u-v data files
UVFIX fixvis Compute u, v, and w coordinates
UVFLG flagdata Flag data
UVLIN uvcontsub/mstransform Subtract continuum from u-v data
UVLSF uvcontsub/mstransform Subtract continuum from u-v data
UVPLT plotms Plot u-v data
UVSUB uvsub Subtracts model u-v data from corrected u-v data
WIPER plotms Plot and flag u-v data
ZAP rmtables Delete data files