CASA 5.4.0

The official CASA 5.4.0 release version (CASA 5.4.0-68) includes the usage of the ALMA pipeline, and is also suitable for general use. Note that the VLA pipeline is accommodated in the CASA 5.4.1 release.

Release Information

The CASA 5.4 releases build on CASA 5.3, but have the following main new features:

  • Mosaic problems that plagued earlier CASA versions are fixed.
  • Auto-masking is finalized in in task tclean.
  • Plotms task is upgraded (now includes the functionalities of task plotcal)
  • Statwt task is updated.
  • Ephemeris observations are now fully supported in task tclean.
  • A number of tasks have been deprecated.
  • Telemetry data is being generated (to provide the CASA team with user statistics that help set development priorities).

For more details and other implementations, please see the official CASA 5.4.0 Release Notes.