General usage

As of version 5.4, CASA can send telemetry data to NRAO. In CASA 5.4.1, this will be done by default, but in CASA 5.4.0 this feature has to be enabled manually. This data is anonymous and is used to measure Casa task usage.

You can enable telemetry by setting CASA_ENABLE_TELEMETRY environment variable to "True"

For example on BASH shell:


You can also enable Telemetry by adding the following line in ~/.casarc

EnableTelemetry: True

Advanced Options

Telemetry adds log files in the ~/.casa directory and submits the data at Casa startup after a predefined interval. This can be configured in the ~/.casarc file by setting TelemetrySubmitInterval to a desired value in seconds.  The default value is 1 week.

You can change the log file cache directory by setting "TelemetryLogDirectory" in ~/.casarc

You can also configure a maximum Telemetry log usage with "TelemetryLogLimit" (in kilobytes). Casa will check for the logfile size periodically and disable Telemetry when the limit is reached. The check interval can be set with "TelemetryLogSizeInterval" (seconds)

Summary of all available options in .casarc:

TelemetryLogDirectory: /tmp
TelemetryLogLimit: 1650
TelemetryLogSizeInterval: 30
TelemetrySubmitInterval: 20