This task converts old-style (up to CASA 3.3.0) calibration tables (caltables) into new-style (CASA 3.4.0 and later) caltables. It is provided for convenience, but if there are issues, it is suggested that a new-style caltable be created directly. The information transferred should be enough for most calibration purposes. bpoly and gspline versions are not supported. 



Name of the old-style caltable.


Name of the visibility file (MS) associated with the old-style caltable.


Type of data in the new-format caltable. Allowed values: complex (default) or float

NOTE: The old-style caltables do not have this information, so it is imperative that users get it correct. complex refers to caltables that have complex gains (e.g., produced by gaincal, bpcal, etc.). float refers to caltables that have real numbers, such as delays (e.g., produced by gencal).


Name of the new-style caltable. By default, the suffix .new is appended to the name of the old-style caltable.