Changes the spectral reference frame of an image (cube).

The spectral values assigned to an object depend on the spectral reference frame. This task can change the frame in which the image reports its spectral values.


Parameter descriptions


Name of the input image.


Name of the output image. Default (no output) is to modify the input image.


Spectral frame in which the frequency or velocity values will be reported by default. See Spectral Frames for more information on the frame definitions. 

Abbreviation Definition
lsrk local standard of rest (kinematic) - default
lsrd local standard of rest (dynamic)
bary barycentric
geo geocentric
topo topocentric
galacto galactocentric
lgroup local group
cmb Cosmic Microwave Background dipole


Epoch to be associated with this image (only with outframe='geo' or 'topo'). For example: '2000/12/25/18:30:00.10'.


Rest-frequency to use for velocity value. For example: restfreq='1.420405752GHz' for the HI 21cm line of neutral hydrogen. The default is to use the rest-frequency already present in the input image.