Displays images, data cubes and MeasurementSets.

The viewer will display images in raster, contour, vector or marker form. Images can be blinked, and movies are available for spectral-line image cubes. For MeasurementSets, many display and editing options are available.

The viewer can be run by typing viewer within CASA, or casaviewer outside of CASA. Executing viewer will bring up a display panel window, which can be resized. If no data file was specified, a Load Data window will also appear. Click on the desired data file and choose the display type; the rendered data should appear on the display panel. A Data Display Options window will also appear. It has drop-down subsections for related options, most of which are self-explanatory.

The loaded data and related display options can be saved in a 'restore' file for later use. You can provide the restore filename on the command line or select it from the Load Data window.

See the Image Cube Visualization and Data Examination and Editing chapters in CASAdocs for (many) more details on using the viewer to display images and MSes.


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Caption The CASA viewer