This task can list and manipulate header information in a MeasurementSet.

It allows the user to manipulate certain meta-data parameters in a MeasurementSet. The mode='list' shows those keywords that are presently implemented, with their values. The contents associated with the keywords can be obtained with mode='get' and changed with mode='put'.

The available modes are:

  • list: List all keywords that are recognized, and list the value(s) for each. Only these keywords can be obtained or changed using the modes 'get' and 'put'
  • summary: Provides a summary that is equivalent to running taskname='listobs' with verbose=False
  • get: Get the specified keyword value(s) from the MS
  • put: Put the specified keyword value(s) into the MS


Keywords that are implemented:

  • cal_grp             
  • field (Field names)
  • fld_code (Field Observing codes)
  • freq_group_name      
  • log                  
  • observer (Observer name)
  • project (Project name)
  • ptcs (Phase tracking centers for each field)
  • release_date
  • schedule
  • schedule_type
  • spw_name              
  • source_name         
  • telescope (Telescope Name)


Parameter descriptions


Name of input visibility file


Mode of operation for vishead (default = 'list')


Keyword to get or put from the MS (used in 'get'/'put' mode only). Example: hdkey='telescope'


Index (counting from 0) if keyword is an array (used in 'get'/'put' mode only). Example: hdindex='2'; hdindex='' defaults to the full array


Value to be put in the MS (used in 'put' mode only). Example: hdvalue=array(['MyTelescope'])