CARTA is built around the mode of a highly customizable desktop that can be configured to suit a specific visualization case. The Save/Restore functionality allows for that configuration to be saved and then returned to at a later date.

This tutorial indicates how to add a view.

First, from the Layout > Image Layout to display a single Image Viewer. Then, select Window > Add > Bottom to add a panel to the desktop on the bottom (alternatively, right click in the Image View window and select Window in the menu).


Click in the new panel that has opened to make it active. Then, from View, select Colormap to install a color map in this panel. This makes the View active, but CARTA needs you to indicate which component of the desktop the "Colormap" tool should control. This is built through a set of Links. Select the "Links" menu to change in to linking mode. Then, click on the colormap handle (cyan circle) and drag a link to the image viewer. This connects up the tool. To exit linking mode, press the Escape key. The relative size of the Views can be controlled by dragging the borders between the Views.

After resizing the tool can be used as normal.

To keep the layout, use the "Save..." menu and select "Layout".