CASA 5.5

CASA 5.5.0 is intended for general use, and does not include the ALMA and VLA pipelines.

Release Information (summary)

The CASA 5.5 release builds on CASA 5.4, but has the following main new features:

  • Several new tasks have been introduced: apparentsens, polfromgain, and sdpolaverage.
  • The tasks fringefit, gaincal, polcal, immath, and plotms have a number of new capabilities, as described below.
  • In tclean, new weighting options are added, and improved noise calculation was implemented for "auto-multithresh".
  • rerefant now supports rereferencing solutions produced by the fringefit task.
  • importfitsidi now imports flagging information and correctly concatenates WEATHER tables.
  • statwt has the excludechans parameter re-introduced, and can now also use data selection by scan.
  • The simulator has been updated to include the spectral variation of each component in a componentlist.
  • The CASA Docs documentation has a new look and layout

For more details and other implementations, please see the full CASA 5.5 Release Notes.