Compute standard deviations in circles of diameter 10arcsec around grid pixels spaced every 4 x 5 pixels and anchored at pixel [30, 40], and use linear interpolation to compute values at non-grid-pixels:

imdev("my.im", "sigma.im", grid=[4, 5], anchor=[30, 40], xlength="10arcsec", stattype="sigma", interp="lin", statalg="cl")

Compute median of the absolute deviations from the median values using the z-score/Chauvenet algorithm, by fixing the maximum z-score to determine outliers to 5. Use cubic interpolation to compute values for non-grid-point pixels. Use a rectangular region of dimensions 5arcsec x 20arcsec centered on each grid point as the region in which to include pixels for the computation of stats for that grid point.

imdev("my.im", "madm.im", grid=[4, 5], anchor=[30, 40], xlength="5arcsec", ylength="20arcsec, stattype="madm", interp="cub", statalg="ch", zscore=5)