Note: a detailed description on how to use the table browser can be found in the Chapter pages on "Browsing through MeasurementSets and Calibration Tables"


To open the table browser and display the contents of table measurementset.ms:



The following will open the table browser and displays only those data from measurementset.ms for which the column ANTENNA2 has a value below 6:

browsetable(tablename='measurementset.ms',taql='ANTENNA2 < 6')


To get a plot of two table values, click on tools, then click on plot 2D.

Example 1: to get a u-v plot, in the Plotter Option Gui,

          set Rows:  0   to 
          X Axis:  UVW      Slice  (set 0)
          Y Axis:  UVW      Slice  (set 1)
          click 'Clear and Plot' on right.

Example 2: to get visibility plots (see Figure below)

          X Axis:  TIME
          Y Axis:  DATA     Slice Amplitude
          click 'Clear and Plot' on right.

Type Figure 1
ID Create a short, unique name
Caption 2D plot in the table browser