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This task can manage flag backups of a MeasurementSet. flag backups (or versions) are copies of the FLAG column of a MeasurementSet, which are saved as a directory on disk with the same basename of the MS from which it was created, with a *.flagversions suffix. The flag backups can be restored to the data set from which they were created in order to get back to a previous flag version. On running importasdm, a flag version called 'Original' is produced by default. It is recommended to save a flag backup at the beginning or after serious editing.  

WARNING: The flag versions created from one MS should not be restored to another MS. They are unique to the MS from which they were created. In the case of flags created from a Multi-MS, it is not possible to restore the flag versions to a serial MS and vice versa.

flagmanager also returns a dictionary for mode='list', returning the flag version names and comments. 

More information on flagmanager is also available in the Data Examination and Editing pages of CASAdocs.  


Parameter description


Name of input MeasurementSet or Multi-MS from where the flags were created.


Flag version operation. Below is the list of options for the mode parameter:

  • 'list': list existing flag versions
  • 'save': save the FLAG column from vis to a specified flag file. If the name given in versionname already exists, the task will give a warning and rename it to a name with a suffix '.old.timestamp'. The respective entry in FLAG_VERSION_LIST will also be updated.
  • 'restore': restore the specified flag file into the MeasurementSet given in vis
  • 'delete': delete the specified flag file
  • 'rename': will rename a specified flag file

mode='save', 'restore', 'delete', 'rename' expandable parameters


Flag version name. The default is noneThere should be no embedded blanks in the versionname.

mode='save', 'rename' expandable parameters


Short description of a versionname, when mode is 'save' or 'rename'.

mode='save', 'restore' expandable parameters


Merge operation to use when saving the flags. Options available are: 'replace', and the experimental 'or', 'and'. Use the last two options at your own risk.

mode='rename' expandable parameters


This parameter give the oldname of the flag versions when mode='rename'.



and for the examples page: 


Examples of using flagmanager to manipulate the flag versions of a MeasurementSet

First save the flags from a MS using flagdata

flagdata('', mode='manual', autocorr=True, flagbackup=True)

List the existing flag versions of the above MS

flagmanager('', mode='list')

The output of the above command can be seen below. Note that the first flag versions is called 'Original", which was saved at import time using importasdm. The second entry called 'flagdata_1' is the flag versions from the above manual flagging.

2018-04-23 18:47:19 INFO flagmanager::agentflagger:: + MS : /Users/casadir/work/

2018-04-23 18:47:19 INFO flagmanager::agentflagger:: main : working copy in main table

2018-04-23 18:47:19 INFO flagmanager::agentflagger:: Original : Original flags at import into CASA

2018-04-23 18:47:19 INFO flagmanager::agentflagger:: flagdata_1 : Flags autosave on 2018-04-23 20:47:14


A captured python dictionary returns the same content but is machine readable: 

myflaglist=flagmanager('', mode='list')


{0:{'name': 'Original', 'comment': 'Original flags at import into CASA'}, 1:{'name': 'flagdata_1', 'comment': 'Flags autosave on 2018-04-23 20:47:14'}}


Rename the flag version to a more meaningful name

flagmanager('', mode='rename', oldname='flagdata_1', versionname='autocorr', comment='Flags from autocorrelation')

Restore the original flags to the MS

flagmanager('', mode='restore', versionname='Original')