This task lists antenna gain solutions in tabular form. The table is organized as follows. Solutions are output by

  1. Spectral window
  2. Antenna
  3. Time
  4. Channel
  5. and Polarization

where the inner-most loop is over polarization.

The listcal output table contains two table headers. The top-level header is printed each time the spectral window changes. This header lists
the spectral window ID (SpwID), the date of observation (Date), the calibration table name (CalTable), and the measurement set name (MS name). 

A lower-level header is printed when the top-level header is printed, when the antenna names change, and for every pagerows of output. The lower-level header columns are described here:

Column name Description
Ant Antenna name (contains sub-columns: Amp, Phs, F)
Time Visibility timestamp corresponding to gain solution
Field Field name
Chn Channel number
Amp Complex solution amplitude
Phs Complex solution phase
F Flag

Elements of the "F" column contain an 'F' when the datum is flagged, and '' (whitespace) when the datum is not flagged. Presently, the polarization mode names (for example: R, L) are not given, but the ordering of the polarization modes (left-to-right) is equivalent to the order output by task listobs (see "Feeds" in listobs output).


Parameter descriptions


Name of input visibility file. Default: none. Examples: vis=''


Name of input calibration table. Default: none. Examples: caltable='ngc5921.gcal'


Select data based on field ID(s) or name(s). Default: '' => all. Examples: field='1'; field='0~2' field IDs inclusive from 0 to 2; field='3C*' all field names starting with 3C


Select calibration data based on antenna. Default: '' => all. Examples: antenna='5'; antenna='5,6' antenna index 5 and 6 solutions; antenna='VA05','VA06' VLA antenna 5 and 6


Select spectral window, channel to list. Default: '' => all spws and channels. Examples: spw='2:34' spectral window 2, channel 34 (will only list one spw, one channel at a time)


Write output to disk (will not overwrite). Default: '' => write to screen


Rows per page of listing. Default: 50; pagerows=0 => do not paginate